Director Message


Dear Students & Parents,

Education is a creatively creative process. All-round and balanced child-centered education is the core theme of present day Education system. Education today recognizes that the child comes in mentally, physically and spiritually and as such it must be educated in all these fields. Providing education is the sincerest prayer to God and the greatest service to the mankind. It releases inherent abilities, nurtures analytical capacities and self-confidence and instills the enlightened vision that will enable one to become a self-motivating agent of social change. We hope that this kind of aim of education will stay and continue to play a major role in our lives and that this school of ours, yours and mine will succeed in realizing these noble goals.

The qualities such as perseverance, forgiveness, self-control, etc are imbibed in the individual much before she/he enters the school. Others are inculcated through the social life of school through tactfully and rationalistically planned and organized moral and civic activities. By living and working in the school environment, the young learn that rights and responsibilities are inseparable, freedom implies restraint, leadership requires some measure of self-sacrifice and followership demands respect for superiors.

Here in Sun Public School, the curriculum frame work inspires students to: Think critically and say it with clarity; Digest various methods of intellectual enquiry and their links to each other; Work independently and in partnership with each other in a heterogeneous group; Develop International perspective on various issues; Appreciate the significance of human values and grace in their lives; and achieve distinction in accordance with their individual taste and talent.

-Mr. Jay Chandrakar